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Profession: Comedian
Artist Profession Description
Steve Punt Comedian Steve Punt is one half of Punt and Dennis
Vic Reeves Comedian Vic Reeves appears in his own show Shooting Stars with sidekick Bob Mortimer
Mike Reid Actor / Comedian / TV Presenter Mike Reid had a long stint in Eastenders but was at his best in Runaround
Griff Rhys Jones Comedian Griff Rhys Jones is the Jones in Alas Smith and Jones
Shane Richie Comedian / TV Presenter Shane Richie (Shane Patrick Roache) has appeared in a number of disastrous shows such as The Shane Richie Experience and Lucky Numbers
Roland Rivron Comedian / Writer Roland Rivron is a big chum of Jools Holland and who co-wrote Mr Jolly Lives Next Door with Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall (a Comic Strip Presents... production)
Willie Rushton Actor / Writer / Comedian Willie Rushton was a regular on Blankety Blank
Alexei Sayle Comedian / Actor Alexei Sayle appeared as Jerzei Balowski in The Young Ones and more recently as Charles Frobisher in Tipping the Velvet
David Schneider Actor / Comedian David Schneider is a regular on the stage, radio and television and has recently appeared on The Saturday Night Armistice
Sir Harry Secombe TV Presenter / Comedian / Writer Sir Harry Secombe started work as a clerk in a steel mill but is probably better known as one of The Goons
Jerry Seinfeld Comedian
Peter Sellers Comedian / Actor
Frank Skinner Comedian Frank Skinner is a stand up comic who has appeared in Packet Of Three and Fantasy Football League
Tony Slattery Actor / Comedian / TV Presenter Tony Slattery was a regular on Who's Line Is It Anyway and appeared in the film Peter's Friends
Arthur Smith Comedian Arthur Smith is best known for being a compare as well as performing standup
Mel Smith Comedian Mel Smith is the Smith in Alas Smith and Jones
Freddy Star Comedian Freddy Star is from the old school of celebrities that prefered to eat their hampsters
Ryan Stiles Comedian Ryan Stiles is an American comedian and regular on Who's Line Is It Anyway
Eric Sykes Comedian Eric Sykes is famous for being Hattie Jakes' brother or have I got that wrong :)
John Thomson Comedian John Thomson has worked many times with Steve Coogan and is a regular member of The Fast Show but has appeared more recently as Peter Algernon Gifford in Cold Feet
Johnny Vegas Comedian Johnny Vegas appeared as Charlie Doyle in Happiness
Roy Walker Comedian Roy Walker is probably best known for presenting Catchphrase
David Walliams Comedian David Walliams is best known for being in Little Britain
Mark Watson Comedian Mark Watson is a stand-up comedian & writer
Robert Webb Actor / Comedian Robert Webb is best known as one half of the comedic duo Mitchell and Webb and appearing in Peep Show
Marc Weiner Comedian
Paul Whitehouse Comedian Paul Whitehouse has worked with Harry Enfield in Harry Enfield and Chums and is one of the two main writers of The Fast Show
Norman Wisdom Actor / Comedian
Ernie Wise Comedian Ernie Wise was the other half of Morecambe and Wise
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