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Profession: Athlete
Artist Profession Description
Donovan Baily Athlete
Roger Black Athlete
Gema Buitrón Athlete Gema Buitrón is an archery champion
Jamie Bulch Athlete Jamie Bulch is a sprinter
Linford Christie Athlete
Steve Cram Athlete
Jonathan Edwards Athlete
Michael Edwards Athlete Michael Edwards is best known as Eddie the Eagle
Peter Elliott Athlete
Sally Gunnell Athlete Sally Gunnell is an Olympic Gold Medallist
Wesley Haeke Athlete Wesley Haeke is a Kendo champion
Francesca Halsall Athlete Francesca Halsall is a swimmer that appeared at the Beijing 2008 Olympics
Karl-Heinz Klenz Athlete Karl-Heinz Klenz is also known as "Fiete" and is a long-distance swimmer
Denise Lewis Athlete Denise Lewis is a long jumper
Aimee Mullins Athlete Aimee Mullins competes in the Paralympics
Oscar Pistorius Athlete Oscar Pistorius is a South African sprinter
Paula Radcliffe Athlete Paula Radcliffe is a long distance runner
Ricardo Santos Athlete Ricardo Santos is a beach volleyball player from Brazil
Eleanor Simmonds Athlete Eleanor Simmonds is a Paralympian medallist
Daley Thompson Athlete Daley Thompson is out most famous Decathalon athelete
Ian Thorpe Athlete Ian Thorpe is the 17 year old Australian swimmer, nicknamed "The Thorpedo"