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Profession: Singer
Artist Profession Description
Yma Súmac Singer
Sister Rosetta Tharpe Singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a Gospel singer, songwriter and recording artist of the 1930s and 1940s
Johnny Tillotson Singer
Martina Topley Bird Singer Martina Topley Bird is a British singer
Mel Torme Singer
John Travolta Actor / Singer
Charles Trenet Singer
Tina Turner Singer
Bobby Vee Singer
Bobby Vinton Singer
Nina Wall Singer Nina Wall grew up in Portsmouth, spending her spare time singing along to the likes of the Carpenters and the Mamas and Papas. Heading to London in her late teens, Nina’s musical horizons expanded, discovering early US house, 60s soul and jazz greats such as her namesake, Nina Simone.
Anita Ward Singer
Vera Ward Hall Singer Vera Ward Hall was a blues singer who song "Another Man Done Gone" was sampled on Moby's album Play on the track "Natural Blues"
Dinah Washington Singer
Grover Washington Singer
Mary Wells Singer
Barry White Singer Barry White is the voice of lurve
Danny Williams Singer
Vanessa Williams Singer
Frank Wilson Singer
Jackie Wilson Singer
Mari Wilson Singer Mari Wilson is The Neasden Queen Of Soul and should not be confused with the one hit wonder Meri Wilson
Meri Wilson Singer Meri Wilson should not be confused with Miss Bee Hive herself, Mari Wilson
Charlie Winston Singer
John Paul Young Singer
Thaila Zucchi Actress / Singer Thaila Zucchi is a singer and actress who appeared on Big Brother 8 where she was acting the part of a fake Australian house mate called Pauline
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