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Profession: Musician
Artist Profession Description
Sébastien Tellier Musician
Sonny Terry Musician Sonny Terry was a blind blues musician best known for his energetic blues harmonica
Peter Tosh Musician Peter Tosh was a reggae musician and core member of The Wailers
Allen Toussaint Musician / Composer / Record Producer Allen Toussaint is an American musician, songwriter and record producer
Vangelis Composer / Musician
Gene Vincent Musician Gene Vincent was an American musician
Claude VonStroke Musician
Fats Waller Musician Fats Waller was an American jazz pianist
John Walsh Composer / Musician John Walsh has produced music for Film, Television and Advertising
Muddy Waters Musician
Derek Watkins Musician Derek Watkins played trumpet on of well known recordings for The Beatles, Elton John and the James Bond Themes
Kira Willey Musician Kira Willey is an American musician
Roy Wood Musician Roy Wood was the lead singer of Wizzard
Hindi Zahra Musician
Rob Zombie Musician Rob Zombie has the real name of Robert Bartleh Cummings
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