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Profession: Pop Star
Artist Profession Description
Curtis Mayfield Pop Star
Moby Pop Star
Alannis Morissette Pop Star
Van Morrison Pop Star
Dave Navarro Pop Star Dave Navarro has been in Jane's Addiction and is now in the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hazel O'Connor Pop Star
Sinead O'Connor Pop Star
William Orbit Pop Star
Donny Osmond Pop Star
Robert Palmer Pop Star Robert Palmer ... Robert Palmer ... When you look at Robert Palmer, don't you think that somewhere out there is a non-league football team missing a manager ...
Teddy Pendergrass Pop Star
Jean-Jacques Perrey Pop Star
Billie Piper Pop Star / Actor Billie Piper was once a short lived pop star but is now best known for playing Rose in Doctor Who
Gene Pitney Pop Star
Iggy Pop Pop Star
Finley Quaye Pop Star
Chris Rea Pop Star
Robbie Robertson Pop Star
Diana Ross Pop Star
Royksopp Pop Star
Sash Pop Star
Lalo Schifrin Pop Star
Seal Pop Star
Captain Sensible Pop Star
Shaggy Pop Star
Del Shannon Pop Star
Percy Sledge Pop Star
Heather Small Pop Star
Will Smith Actor / Pop Star
Jimmy Sommerville Pop Star Jimmy Sommerville is the editor of Private Eye and a regular on Have I Got News For You (I think I'm confused)
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