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Profession: Actor
Artist Profession Description
Karl Davies Actor Karl Davies plays Robert Sugden in Emmerdale
Windsor Davies Actor Windsor Davies is probably best know for playing Battery Sergeant Major Williams in It Ain't Half Hot Mum
Sammy Davis Jr. Actor / Singer
Peter Davison Actor Peter Davison is best known to older people for playing Tristan Farnham in All Creatures Great and Small and to younger people for playing the fifth doctor in Doctor Who
Simon Day Actor / Comedian Simon Day has appeared in The Fast Show
Robert De Niro Actor
Derek Deadman Actor Derek Deadman appeared in Never the Twain
Peter Dean Actor Peter Dean played Pete Beale in Eastenders
Angus Deayton Actor / Writer / TV Presenter Angus Deayton graduated from Oxford University and appeared as Mike Channel in KYTV but is now best known for presenting the topical quiz show Have I Got News For You
Rupert Degas Actor Rupert Degas is an English actor and voice artist
Gerard Depardieu Actor Gerard Depardieu is a Frenchman
Jason Donovan Singer / Actor Jason Donovan first became noticed appearing in Neighbours
Shaun Dooley Actor Shaun Dooley has appeared in Coronation Street and Eastenders as well as many other soaps and dramas
Jack Douglas Actor Jack Douglas appeared in many of the Carry On films
Richard Dreyfus Actor Richard Dreyfus was in some film about big fish, the title of which escapes me for the moment...
David Duchovny Actor David Duchovny plays Mulder in the X-Files
Jimmy Durante Singer / Comedian / Actor Jimmy Durante was an American singer, pianist, comedian and actor
Clint Eastwood Actor / Director Clint Eastwood has... Oh, you must know who Clint Eastwood is!
Paul Eddington Actor
Steve Edge Actor Steve Edge played Alan in Phoenix Nights also appeared in Peep Show
Adrian Edmondson Comedian / Actor Adrian Edmondson appeared as Vivian in The Young Ones as well as appearing in Comic Strip Presents... and Bottom
Justin Edwards Actor Justin Edwards appears in The Thick Of It
Peter Egan Actor Peter Egan was at his best in Ever Decreasing Circles with Richard Briers
Christopher Ellison Actor Christopher Ellison is probably best known for playing DCI Frank Burnside in The Bill
Michael Elphick Actor Michael Elphick has appeared in numerous films and television programmes but he is best known for playing Ken Boon in Boon
Norman Eshley Actor Norman Eshley played Jeffrey Fourmile in George and Mildred
Adam Faith Actor / Singer Adam Faith appeared in the title role in Budgie and had a number one single with What Do You Want in 1959
Antonio Fargas Actor Antonio Fargas played Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch
Oliver Farnworth Actor Oliver Farnworth plays Will Hackett in Hollyoaks
Leonard Fenton Actor Leonard Fenton played Dr. Harold Legg in Eastenders
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