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Profession: Actor
Artist Profession Description
Thomas Turgoose Actor Thomas Turgoose is an award-winning English film and television actor who appeared in This Is England
Dick Van Dyke Actor
Paul Vaughan Actor
Bill Waddington Actor Bill Waddington played Percy Sugden in Coronation Street
Larrington Walker Actor
Baillie Walsh Actor Baillie Walsh appeared in Flashbacks of a Fool
Ewan Wardrop Actor
Peter Warnock Actor
Don Warrington Actor Don Warrington played Philip Smith in Rising Damp
Dennis Waterman Actor Dennis Waterman appeared in The Sweeney and Minder and more recently in New Tricks
Tom Watt Actor Tom Watt played Lofty Holloway in Eastenders
Robert Webb Actor / Comedian Robert Webb is best known as one half of the comedic duo Mitchell and Webb and appearing in Peep Show
Orlando Wells Actor Orlando Wells played Alexander 'Alex' Stanton in As If
Kevin Whately Actor Kevin Whately has appeared in Coronation Street but is best known for playing Neville in Auf Wiedersehen Pet
Tim Whitnall Actor
Christopher Wiehl Actor
James Wilby Actor James Wilby appeared in Gosford Park, Regeneration and Howard’s End
Robert Wilfort Actor
Lee Williams Actor Lee Williams appears in Hotel Babylon, The Tudors and Teachers
Mark Williams Actor Mark Williams is a regular member of The Fast Show
Bruce Willis Actor
Ben Wilson Actor Ben Wilson appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Richard Wilson Actor / Director Richard Wilson (Iain Colquhoun Wilson) is an actor/director who is best known for playing Victor Meldrew in One Foot in the Grave
Frank Windsor Actor Frank Windsor is best known for playing Detective Sergeant John Watt in Z Cars
Peter Wingfield Actor Peter Wingfield plays Simon Pemberton in the The Archers
Ray Winstone Actor Ray Winstone appeared as Carlin in the film Scum and more recently in Nil by Mouth
Norman Wisdom Actor / Comedian
Jake Wood Actor Jake Wood plays Max Branning in Eastenders
James Wood Actor James Wood is an American who has appeared in lots of films
Zbigniew Zamachowski Actor Zbigniew Zamachowski is a Polish actor
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