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Profession: Actor
Artist Profession Description
Burt Reynolds Actor
Paul Reynolds Actor Paul Reynolds made his start as a child actor and is perhaps most recognised for his role as Colin Matthews in Press Gang
Julian Rhind-Tutt Actor Julian Rhind-Tutt is best known for playing Dr ‘Mac’ Macartney in Green Wing
Jonathan Rhys Actor Jonathan Rhys appeared in The Tudors
Matthew Rhys Actor Matthew Rhys appeared in Brothers & Sisters
Owain Rhys Actor
Ian Richardson Actor Ian Richardson played the scheming polititian Francis Urquhurt in the TV drama House of Cards
Pat Roach Actor Pat Roach is best known for playing Bomber in Auf Wiedersehen Pet
Tony Robinson Actor / TV Presenter Tony Robinson was best known for playing Baldrick in Black Adder but now for presenting Time Team
Gordon Rollings Actor Gordon Rollings appeared in Z Cars in the early 1960s, appeared in Play School and even played Charlie Moffitt in Coronation Street
Leonard Rossiter Actor Leonard Rossiter is best known for playing Rigsby in Rising Damp and Reginald Perrin in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
Tim Roth Actor Tim Roth is best known for playing Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs
Mickey Rourke Actor
Willie Rushton Actor / Writer / Comedian Willie Rushton was a regular on Blankety Blank
Mat Ruttle Actor Mat Ruttle appeared in Messiah IV: The Harrowing, The Bill and Mile High
Christopher Ryan Actor Christopher Ryan is best known for playing Mike in The Young Ones
Kyu Sakamoto Singer / Actor Kyu Sakamoto was a Japanese singer and actor
Peter Sallis Actor Peter Sallis trained at RADA and has appeared in numerous films and television programmes but is best known for playing Cleggy in Last of the Summer Wine
Alfred Sauchelli Jr Actor
Alexei Sayle Comedian / Actor Alexei Sayle appeared as Jerzei Balowski in The Young Ones and more recently as Charles Frobisher in Tipping the Velvet
David Schneider Actor / Comedian David Schneider is a regular on the stage, radio and television and has recently appeared on The Saturday Night Armistice
Peter Sellers Comedian / Actor
Rufus Sewell Actor Rufus Sewell is probably best known for playing Will Ladislaw in George Eliot's Middlemarch
Cyril Shaps Actor
William Shatner Actor / Flat Singer William Shatner is best known for playing Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek
Jeremy Sheffield Actor Jeremy Sheffield has appeared in Holby City
John Shrapnel Actor John Shrapnel is an actor who has played many roles but surely his finest work was playing Douglas Crown in Dearth of a Salesman, one of the episodes in Coogan's Run
John Simm Actor John Simm appeared in Men of the World, Raskolnikov in Crime and Punishment and The Master in Doctor Who
John Gordon Sinclair Actor John Gordon Sinclair is Gregory out of Gregory's Girl
Donald Sinden Actor Donald Sinden CBE is an over actor who has appeared in several awful films and the dreadful television series Never the Twain
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