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Profession: Actor
Artist Profession Description
Michael Palin Actor / Comedian / TV Presenter Michael Palin appeared in Monty Python many many years ago
Geoffrey Palmer Actor Geoffrey Palmer will always be remembered for playing Jimmy in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin but he also appeared as a Doctor in Fawlty Towers
Craig Parkinson Actor Craig Parkinson played Paul Collingwood in Dalziel and Pascoe as well as appearing in the Bank Manager episode of People Like Us
Dharmesh Patel Actor Dharmesh Patel has appeared in Doctors and Casualty
Bill Paterson Actor Bill Paterson started his working career as a quantity surveyor but moved on to play Fraser in Auf Wiedersehen Pet and appear in films such as A Private Function and Truly Madly Deeply
Daniel Peacock Actor / Writer Daniel Peacock is the son of actor Trevor Peacock and has appeared in several Comic Strip Presents...
Bob Peck Actor Bob Peck played the head keeper in Jurassic Park
Luke Perry Actor Luke Perry is probably best known for providing the voice of Sideshow Luke Perry in The Simpsons
Simon Perry Actor / Comedian
Sean Pertwee Actor Sean Pertwee is the son of Jon Pertwee
Leslie Phillips Actor
Sally Phillips Actor Sally Phillips is best know for appearing in Smack the Pony
Ryan Philpott Actor Ryan Philpott appeared as PC Kenny Morris in Eastenders
Nick Pickard Actor Nick Pickard plays Tony Hutchinson in Hollyoaks
Billie Piper Pop Star / Actor Billie Piper was once a short lived pop star but is now best known for playing Rose in Doctor Who
Nigel Pivaro Actor Nigel Pivaro plays Terry Duckworth in Coronation Street
Nigel Planer Comedian / Actor Nigel Planer played Neil in The Young Ones as well as appearing in several Comic Strip Presents...
Pete Postlethwaite Actor Pete Postlethwaite appeared in The Usual Suspects
Gary Poux Actor Gary Poux was in Live Fast, Die Young
Robert Powell Actor Robert Powell starred in the film The Thirty-Nine Steps but has more recently appeared as DC Dave Briggs in The Detectives
Louis Prima Singer / Musician / Actor Louis Prima was an Italian-American entertainer, singer, actor, songwriter and trumpeter
Bryan Pringle Actor Bryan Pringle appeared in The Dustman and Auf Wiedersehen Pet
Jonathan Pryce Actor Jonathan Pryce has been in numerous stage productions, films and television programs but I remember him for playing Sam in Brazil
Peter Purves Actor / TV Presenter Peter Purves appeared in 36 episodes of Doctor Who but is probably best known for presenting Blue Peter for eleven years
Pearce Quigley Actor Pearce Quigley has appeared in Queer as Folk and Prime Suspect along with many others
Nick Raggett Actor Nick Raggett appeared in 27 episodes of Pie in the Sky
Michael Redfern Actor Michael Redfern trained at the Corona Stage Academy and has made many TV appearences in programmes such as The Young Ones, Minder, Bottom and The Bill
Christopher Reeve Actor Christopher Reeve is best known for playing Superman
Mike Reid Actor / Comedian / TV Presenter Mike Reid had a long stint in Eastenders but was at his best in Runaround
Enn Reitel Actor Enn Reitel is a Scottish actor and impressionist
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