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Profession: Actor
Artist Profession Description
Dudley Moore Actor / Comedian
Roger Moore Actor Roger Moore is most famous for raising his eyebrows and playing James Bond at the same time
Nick Moran Actor Nick Moran played Eddy in the 1998 file Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Darren Morfitt Actor
Michael Morgan Actor
Jim Moriarty Actor Jim Moriarty plays Gerald in Saving Grace
Ken Morley Actor Ken Morley is best known for playing Reg Holdsworth in Coronation Street but has also played General Leopold von Flockenstuffen in 'Allo 'Allo, the Nazi captain Vorheese in Red Dwarf and more recently Rex in Hardware
David Morrissey Actor David Morrissey appeared in Doctor Who
Neil Morrissey Actor Neil Morrissey is best known for playing Tony in Men Behaving Badly
Patrick Mower Actor Patrick Mower plays Rodney Blackstock in Emmerdale
Arthur Mullard Actor
Billy Murray Actor Billy Murray is probably best known for playing the corrupt DS Don Beech in the The Bill
Jimmy Nail Actor / Singer Jimmy Nail is best known for playing Oz in Auf Wiedersehen Pet
Willie Nelson Singer Songwriter / Actor Willie Nelson is an American country singer-songwriter author, poet and actor
James Nesbitt Actor James Nesbitt plays Adam Williams in Cold Feet
John Nettles Actor John Nettles is best known for playing Sgt Jim Bergerac in Bergerac
Dustin Nguyen Actor
Paul Nicholas Actor / Singer Paul Nicholas is best known for playing Vince Pinner in Just Good Friends
Bill Nighy Actor Bill Nighy is a Golden Globe and BAFTA award winning English actor
Leonard Nimoy Actor Leonard Nimoy is a pointy eared actor
Edward Norton Actor Edward Norton has appeared in films such as American History X, Fight Club and The Incredible Hulk
Stuart Nurse Actor / Singer Stuart Nurse is an actor and not in fact a nurse
Tony O'Callaghan Actor Tony O'Callaghan plays Sgt Matt Boyden in The Bill
Steve O'Donnell Actor Steve O'Donnell plays Spud Gun in Bottom
Chris O'Dowd Comedian / Actor Chris O'Dowd is best known for playing Roy in The IT Crowd
Ardal O'Hanlon Actor / Comedian Ardal O'Hanlon is probably best known for playing Father Dougal McGuire in Father Ted and George Sunday in My Hero
Peter O'Toole Actor Peter O'Toole is probably best known for his role in Lawrence of Arabia
Gary Oldman Actor Gary Oldman played Sid Vicious in Sid & Nancy and has appeared in True Romance, Léon and The Fifth Element
Gary Olsen Actor Gary Olsen was best known for playing Ben Porter in Two Point Four Children
Sid Owen Actor Sid Owen is and will always be Ricky Butcher from Eastenders
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