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Profession: Actress
Artist Profession Description
Arabella Weir Actress Arabella Weir is best known for her long association with The Fast Show
June Whitfield Actress June Whitfield OBE has appeared in loads of stuff but most recently as Edina's mother in Absolutely Fabulous
Lisa Williamson Actress Lisa Williamson plays Dawn Cunningham in Hollyoaks
Rachel Willis Actress
Barbara Windsor Actress Barbara Windsor has appeared in numerous Carry On Films but is now best know for playing Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders
Anna Wing Actress Anna Wing (Anna Eva Lydia Catherine Wing) played Lou Beale in Eastenders
Kate Winslet Actress
Reese Witherspoon Actress
Evan Rachel Wood Actress
Victoria Wood Actress / Comedienne Victoria Wood is every mum's favourite comedienne
Catherine Zeta-Jones Actress
Thaila Zucchi Actress / Singer Thaila Zucchi is a singer and actress who appeared on Big Brother 8 where she was acting the part of a fake Australian house mate called Pauline
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