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David Beckham
Profession: Footballer
David Beckham is an English professional footballer, who plays in midfield. But I suppose you know all this, he is David Beckham after all, who doesn't know this?

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David Beckham
On Air Company / Advert Type Details
Jun 2010 Company: Adidas
Advert: Originals   
Notes: Star Wars Cantina (featuring Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3P0 and Obi-Wan Kenobi)
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2010 Company: Adidas
Advert: Originals   
Notes: The Street Where Originality Lives
Notes: Appearance
May 2009 Company: Malaria No More UK
Advert: Charity   
Notes: We Need Nets
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2009 Company: Motorola
Advert: Aura Phone   
Notes: Terminator Style
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2008 Company: Sharpie Pens
Advert: Sharpie Pens   
Notes: Write Out Loud
Notes: Appearance
Apr 2006 Company: Adidas
Advert: Sports Wear   
Notes: Jose +10 Tricks
Notes: Appearance
Jul 2004 Company: Procter & Gamble
Advert: Gillette Mach3 Turbo   
Notes: The Best A Man can Get
Notes: Appearance
May 2004 Company: Adidas
Advert: Euro 2004   
Notes: Road to Lisbon
Notes: Appearance
Mar 2004 Company: Pepsi
Advert: Cola Drinks   
Notes: Medieval Football
Notes: Appearance
Nov 2003 Company: Vodafone
Advert: Live!
Notes: Appearance
Dec 2002 Company: Vodafone
Advert: Live
Notes: Appearance
Dec 2002 Company: Marks & Spencer
Advert: Marks & Spencer   
Notes: Christmas 2002 Campaign
Notes: Appearance
Jun 2001 Company: Adidas
Advert: 2001
Notes: Appearance
May 1999 Company: Pepsi
Advert: Cola
Notes: Appearance
Jun 1998 Company: Mars Inc.
Advert: Snickers
Notes: Appearance
Aug 1997 Company: Adidas
Advert: Adidas
Notes: Appearance

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