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This site is all about the interesting bits between the programmes on commercial British television channels.

A recommendation

Called Off Your Box, this CD contains 22 tracks from many of the more well know adverts.

The adverts do have a habit of getting into your head as you try and work out 'Who is that actor?', or you might say 'That voice sounds familiar!' or even 'I'm sure I know that music from somewhere'. Well hopefully we can help you with that and more.

Have a look at the recent additions on your right or you can search the database. You can also browse through an alphabetical list of artists and companies. If you have spotted a missing entry then please add to the database.

If you like looking up at the sky, then why not have a look through the clouds as an alternative way of browsing the information held within the database.

...currently 3955 artists, 1195 companies and a total of 7707 adverts.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, you could have a look at the pending adverts that haven't yet made it into the database.

A recommendation

Good value for money this called Classics From Ads which contains 36 tracks across 3 CDs.

You could also try looking in the forums. There are some recent posts displayed on your left.

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