Topic: Old 'Boots' tv ads (mid-late '90s)

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Old 'Boots' tv ads (mid-late '90s)
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By 'Boots', I mean the company Boots, the people who toiletries and stuff.

I doubt anyone's going to know this, but I suppose it's worth a shot. Back in the mid-late '90s Boots were showing ads with a classical song, quite melancholy and depressing, it was used with a number of ads. I remember one in particular where a woman was trying to put a film in her camera and was saying 'get in, get in'.

This track also formed the basis of a rather excellent Asian film I saw on channel 4 many moons ago, and I remembered it well for the excellent soundtrack, but I forgot the name of the film itself, and unfortunately the only connection I remember is that it had a song from the old Boots ads.

So, if anyone has ANY idea what music I'm talking about, it'd be huge help, because not only was the soundtrack great, but the film was as well!