Topic: cars, boy and sharkbite.

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cars, boy and sharkbite.
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Posted: 3rd Jun, 2003 8:46 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
theres a car advert where 2 children go in the sea & the boy gets bitten by a shark. then you see them together older on the beach and the boy is embarrassed by his scar & doesn't want to take his shirt off. the girl dont mind and kisses his scar. the advert has a silver car in the background and is a car advert. what is the music for it? and whos it by??? thanks very much.:p

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Posted: 4th Jun, 2003 5:58 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
Its on the tip of my tongue, erm....
I think it was from the Renault car advert
Was it M People - Search for the Hero ?
Let me know if I was right

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Think this was a Peugeot advert for the 306 hatch, possibly True Colours but not sure - dont think it was Cyndi lauper either.

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try phil collins - True colors