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coca cola advert from 1987
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I was an extra in an advert filmed in Liverpool's St George's hall in July 1987, the advert was shown on numerous occasions at Christmas 1987 but has never been transmitted since. The soundtrack for the advert was named "Tomorrow's people", unfortunately I never had the opportunity to record the advert when it was eventually shown, and I would desperately like to know if anyone has a copy of this ad, or whether I would be able to acquire a copy from another source. I was 17 when the advert was filmed, and I now have two grown up children of my own, and it would be nice to show them a little piece of their fathers history.

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There's a website called (I'm pretty sure that's the URL) which has a lot of adverts. Unfortunately you have to pay to download them, as I think it's mostly used by people in the industry, and I don't know how far back their database goes, but it might be somewhere to start, and if they don't have it they mave have a links page.

Is that any help to you?