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Boots No 7 ad
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Posted: 19th May, 2003 5:18 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
I admit that I am going for a very long shot here, but can anyone tell me what the music is from an ad for Boots No. 7 make-up, that aired about 2 years ago. It was quite a funky little instrumental piece. The ad featured a girl catching a bus and that's about all I can remember. Please let me know if you can help - I've been trying to find this for years! Thanks.

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Posted: 3rd Jun, 2003 12:58 AM | Reply | Reply with quote
I'm afraid I can't remember how it went, but I remember finding out the name of a track on a No.7 advert that I liked, could've been a couple years ago, called 'No Fear Of Falling' by I Am Kloot. Would perhaps be worth trying KaZaA for that track to see if it is the one.

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