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Banned adverts
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Posted: 5th Feb, 2007 10:50 AM | Reply | Reply with quote
Does anyone know any adverts that have been banned and why? or does anyone feel any adverts should be banned and why?

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One advert got banned after a number of complaints of the lady featured showing her breasts. I think it is one by Johnson and Johnson or Nivea. Something to that effect. There were a series of adverts featuring the same girl but I think only the one got banned...

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I have a feeling the Pot Noodle ad (c 1998?) called The Lambshank Redemption may have been banned. It's the one which takes place in a prison where an inmate is caught eating pot noodle by a dominatrix type female warder..

Certainly, it seems to have disappeared completely and is not available on the ad websites you might expect to find it.

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yes i have found one for you

tv ad. the orange man

brand. tango fizzy drink

company. britvic schwepps co

tv broadcasting year . 1992

reason of banning. concerned parents and teachers complained about this advert the way
it was portrayed by this actor painted orange pops up behind a post box and
slapping another actor who was drinking tango in the ears then cut to a shot of the orange mans head.saying YOU KNOW WHEN YOU'VE BEING TANGO'D and children was replicating the
advert either at schools or at home by slapping each others ears by causing deafness
in ears so it caused fury and the producers apologised to parents for any wrong doing
and pulled the advert but replaced it by an allternate version which sees the orange man kissing the
guy on the lips but later got pulled due to sexy refferances but made other adverts in this trilogy
of banned tango 90's adverts.

frankie smales

(frankie smales movie and tv review uk)

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This is I replying to my own post well over 3 years ago!

It may have been unobtainable in 2007 but it is certainly available on YouTube now.