Topic: song from old mobile phone ad.....

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song from old mobile phone ad.....
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I'm after a song from an oldish mobile phone advert (at least I think it was a mobile phone ad).

The ad would have been from a few years ago and as far as I can remember it started with a man and a woman in different places (offices I think) and it was edited to look like they had left their offices to go and meet each other but just as they are leaving their offices it cut to the beginning again and started over, only this time they got a little further, like half way across the road, before it went back to the beginning and started over, getting a little further along each time it happened until they finally got together and there was a montage of images of them under bedsheets, in the sea etc.

I really liked the song and the only lyrics I can remember were "at the end of the day".

It was a mid or slow tempo song.

Can anyone remember the advert and song???


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Hi,, try to search in Google with code intext:"at the end of the day" you might get an idea of all songs perhaps that contain that words.

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