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It Riffing Off Golden Moments
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Glee is an ensemble show that's only as strong as its weakest link…and trust me, there are no chinks in this armor. Even the four supporting characters originally brought in to provide vocal background and dance credibility to the club—Santana (Naya Rivera), Brittany (Heather Morris), Mike (Harry Shum Jr.), and Matt (Dijon Talton)—have surprised the audience and the writers with how endearing their presence has become. In fact, Naya and Heather become so integral to the Season One storylines that both actors are being bumped up to series regulars for Season Two, and deservedly so. Naya exhibits a magnetic presence in every scene she's a part of, and Heather offers up the show's most killer dead-pan line reads. She is to Glee's short-form comedy what Jane Lynch is to its long-form, and that's saying a lot. Lynch is the cornerstone of the show's enigmatic success. Long considered one of the finest working character actors today, she has now cemented herself among the legendary funny women of all time. Jane's commitment to this character is unparalleled, riffing off golden moments with nearly every actor she shares a two shot with, not the least of which is Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester. You cannot help but be drawn into this legendary battle of good and evil. The amazing thing is that these epic confrontations only serve to fuel the plot, where in less capable hands they would dominate or overshadow it. Credit Ryan Murphy's team for figuring out how to pull it off.