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Advert help
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I have been searching for the advert for "Splicer" the sweet bar available during the late 70's early 80's. I believe it wsa made by Rowntree. As I vaguely recall, the advert itself started off in black and white with a Policeman who takes a bite of Splicer and the ad turns all multi coloured and crazy.

There is absolutely no trace of this advert wherever I have looked for the last ten years (admittedly not constantly searching), you can't even find a picture of the wrapper anywhere. The tune went, "Splicer is nicer than any I know, and it's the chewiest, newiest star of the show" I would LOVE to find this advert.

The other one was an advert shown by the British Egg Council?? or some such organisation, consisting of a few young lads sat around eating eggs, while some sort of drum n bass music plays loudly in the background.

Lastly, and this one is very vague, but I found it very funny. An old fella pacing up and down his lounge constantly repeating the line "are you sure you haven't seen it" to his long suffering wife.

If anyone can help, especially with the Splicer one, I would be eternally grateful.

Ta, Victor.