Topic: Looking for an RP 1- to 3- minute ad

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Looking for an RP 1- to 3- minute ad
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I've been given an assignment to improve my pronunciation (I'm a French learner): I must imitate a 1- to 3- minute speech taken from an advert. The speech must be delivered in RP English. I've been looking for such an ad for some days and I find it quite hard – either the speaker is American or the ad is far too short...
I think old ads are more likely to fit for my work - as they often are longer - but it's all the more difficult to find such an ad.
I may choose to imitate two shorter ads, provided the total length reaches, say, at least 1 minute and a half.
Besides, an extract from a film is also OK for this assignment.

A big thank to you all! I wish you a good night and a good Friday.