Topic: Trying to find an old credit card advert

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Trying to find an old credit card advert
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Hi there,

I am trying to find an old credit card advert. I think it was an Egg card advert.

The scene was of a young-ish door to door salesman who was looking for someone to sell the credit card to...he walks along a nice neighbourhood of (tudor looking i think) nice homes and stops at a man in his 30s washing his car (a shiny BMW i think) and asks him if he'd like a card. Then man washing the car then looks into the camera and says something along the lines of : Oh yes, I'd look the ideal candidate for a credit card. Nice house, nice car, good age, affluent... Then the salesman mentions the fact the card is good for internet shopping (which shows the age of the advert as internet shopping must have been new at that point) and then a woman comes out her house with some washing and makes a remark about shopping and her being the female stereotype needed for that. Then, a black man is seen and he talks about being the racial stereotype for the advert. Then the salesman says that he is just a classically trained actor doing his job.

I am studying postmodernism in advertising at university and this advert has been brought up several times, yet no one seems to be able to find a recording of it. If ANYONE can help me I would be so eternally grateful!

Kirsty x

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try this...

hopefully it is what you are after.