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Wine advert
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Can someone answer this question? I am looking for a series of wine adverts that I think were shown in the late 80's or early 90's?? They were a series of adverts, depicting people turning up to a house party each bringing a bottle of the wine advertised. One famous scene is where a bottle was dropped into a man's lap and he exclaimed 'right in the chablis'! This is driving me mad! I have searched YouTube but to no avail I am desperate to use this clip for a marketing session at work. Many thanks

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sorry i have no idea about it..

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Was this a 30 sec ad or the 'bumper' after a programme that was sponsored by the brand? I seem to recall them all being a play on words as per the ad you mention. Not sure of the brand though - possibly a chain of wine shops, Thresher,etc or perhaps Grants of St. James's. Or maybe an individual brand like Jacobs Creek or similar?