Topic: Song used on a charity appeal ad.

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Song used on a charity appeal ad.
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Hello everyone. A fine resource I've stumbled across here - I should've known all the ads over the years would've amassed a legion of followers. Anywho, I'm here for two requests, and this is one of them:

Unfortunately there's not a lot of hints I can drop about this one. The problem is that I've only seen this advert once... yes just the one single time! I think I saw it about 2 or 3 months ago but I simply can't remember what channel. I think it was one of those emotional appeal ads but I can't remember what charity/organisation it was for.

It was a really nice song played during the advert, a female singer. All I got down were two lines (the first two, I think):

"Hold the thought,
What am I to you?"

I'm no stranger to searching the net for the lyrics of songs I've heard on TV shows and so forth so I can find out what the song was, but I haven't been having any luck identifying this one.

Probably another long shot, but if anyone should happen to know I'd really appreciate any enlightenment. Thanks in advance.

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Just to let you know what I have found.

There was a Mail on Sunday advert for the Song for Haiti that was released via their website that weekend (14th March 2010).
The track was called 'Classical Relief charity single' and the song is a version of "The Prayer for Haiti".
I'm wondering if they used special lyrics.
I only saw this advert once. As far as I know the track was only available from the Mail on Sunday.
I expired on 11th April. (probably not the correct ad) but I found out so felt that I should post what I found.

Hear a clip here:-

Found it on YouTube

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Thanks very much for your reply kwillmott. Sadly that's not the song; I'm quite familiar with "The Prayer" and that's definitely not the one I heard. But I appreciate you taking the time to try and help.

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Possibly "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush. Used for the NSPCC