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Who is the character . . .
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Posted: 26th Jan, 2010 12:19 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
Now, I may have dreamt this advert as anyone I have spoken to has no recolection of it but a couple of years (?) ago there was an advert for either a mobile phone manufacturer or service provider featuring a chubby german character with a goatee in LA who was sooooo fashion concious he liked the product until he found out who made/provided it?????

He had a little lap dog and was quite camp but can I remember anything else about it? Can I heck . . .

Please help if you can

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I'll try to help you. be back later.

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I seem to remember a series of ads like that, with a camp interior designer type character who loved everything till he found out it came from Ikea (as I recall)..could it be those you're thinking of?