Topic: BMK Carpet commercial from the 1970's

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BMK Carpet commercial from the 1970's
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I wonder if any sharp eyed readers out there remembers a television commercial I believe may have been between 1968 and 1977. It was for the carpet firm BMK Carpets, and featured a beautiful young brunette, She was in her apartment and although the commercial is a distant memory now, wore either a judo style robe with blackbelt or a satin kimono style short robe, and used her Judo skills on the unfortunate well dressed intruders on the carpet of her apartment until they were all pretty much finished and spreadeagled around on the carpet, I remember at the end while BMK told you how their name was on the worlds finest carpet, she was stood over the last guy she used her Judo on, pinning him there with her barefeet while she considered what to do with these guys.
Can anyone remember the commercial ? Does anyone now who the actress was that starred in it ? And I know this is a real longshot but does anyone out there know if its possible to still get a copy of the commercial ?

Hope someone out there can help, please email me.