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CSL Sofa Specialists
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Posted: 17th Apr, 2009 7:09 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
Need the song off this advert....

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Posted: 18th Apr, 2009 12:42 PM | Reply | Reply with quote

Steph (Spencer) is probably the singer as she has sung most of their other songs. Title could be 'Can You Make it Feel Real'. But I haven't found anything else about it.
Here is my stab at the lyrics :-

Computer sensing love
Is what I’m dreaming of
Computer sensing love
Can you search it out for me
Cos' it wanna feel the heat with somebody
Cos' it wanna a arrive
Let me know when you got it
Auto erotic
Can you make it feel real
Can you make it feel real
Auto erotic
Can you make it feel real
Can you make it feel real

Hear Chasing Butterflies :-

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Song is called;
Computer Sensing Love
by Steph (Spencer)

from the CSL advert released in early 2009

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It's called Computer Sensing Love and it's by Steph Spencer.

I did a bit of research for you and found this:

It's the entire song, with lyrics.

Amazing song - I love it!!