Topic: Looking for these adverts (dissertation)

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Looking for these adverts (dissertation)
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Hi! third year psychology student DESPERATELY looking for the following adverts to buy or obtain, any help??? PLEASE!! it's for my dissertation on sex in advertising.
Boddingtons adverts - "the body", "stay in the sun a little longer"
LEVI - "spaceman", " Shrink to fit"
Archers - "something for the ladies"
Radox - "toe gets stuck in the bath, firemen appear"
Pot Noodle - "it's dirty"
Lynx - "if only", - 2The pied piper", - "the girls are ready are you?"
Magnum Icecream tub - "guy doing the painting in the next house, sees girl eating ice cream"

Any responses will be great and any help please! thank you.