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Old Cleaning Product Advert
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There was a jokey advert for a cleaning product or disinfectant that ran for quite a long time in the late 80's or early 90's (I think) where a mother is so impressed with the cleaning/disinfecting power of a product that she serves up a meal for her family directly on the table instead of using plates. It ends with her offering her family gravy, at which point they all look freaked out like she has lost her mind. Anyone know what the advert was for? I'm trying to see if I can find it online.

The reason I am trying to find it is because I remember a friend afterwards saying that if you listened carefully to the conversation that the family are having as the approach the kitchen for their dinner, they are all just saying the words "chip shop jellyfish" over and over, but unless you noticed it, it just sounded like a conversation going on. I have always wondered if this was true. Any one know?

Is "chip shop jellyfish" recognised as being a phrase used to make it seem like a conversation is going on in TV adverts etc? Is there a word used by the industry which describes these kinds of phrases?!!!

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I remember something about that, was that for dettol antibacterial?