Topic: New Tennent's / Franz Ferdinand TV Ad

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New Tennent's / Franz Ferdinand TV Ad
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Myself and some friends were used as extras for and advert for Tennent's Music / Franz Ferdinand thing back in April in Aberdeen. We've been trying to find out the broadcast details of this ad but have basically been given the run around by almost everyone we've asked so far. It's getting kinda frustrating now as we'd all really like to the see the finished article and marvel at how stupid we probably look.

I believe it was screened during the commercial brake on Big Brother a couple of nights ago (Thursday 08/07/04) but i was not home to see it at the time. Apparently it involves thousand of people at a Franz Ferdinand gig and others wandering around the streets on their way there (us).

Can anyone please tell me where and wheni can catch this advert again?

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