Topic: Woman's name Re:children's voices?

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Woman's name Re:children's voices?
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What was the name of the woman who did a very many adverts, (possibly from as far back as the 50s) and whose most remembered line was the voice for the boy on the gate in the Rowntree's Fruitgums advert?

To help you a bit more, here it is (ahem) "Don't forget the fruitgums Mum!"

I seem to remember a short documentary about her career, or possibly that was a segment on Blue Peter.

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Well, I've just watched the original ad from 1956 on YouTube and you've surprised me by saying the voiceover was done by a woman! It sounds very convincingly like a small boy! The boy in the ad, for what it's worth is Dennis Gilmore but who the voiceover is I don't know. Was she a well known mainstream actress as well as a voiceover queen??