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Best adverts/ Worst adverts
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Posted: 8th Jul, 2004 12:58 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
What is everyones favourite and least favourite advert on TV at the moment? Personally I think that Neil Morissey needs a bullet for his carryings on in the Homebase adverts, and that for once people in the Clearasil adverts should actually have spots in the first place. But what does everyone else think?

As for good ones, I'm trying not to be predictable and go for Guiness, Nike, Adidas and Honda adverts. Anyone got anything a little less mainstream?

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Nothing comes close to being more hateful than the ESURE ads, you know the ones 'Im on telly mum' arghhhhhhhhh then again they are owned by Halifax who's ads rate right up along side em specially that we are sailing rip off, what was they thinking lol and as for howard, ak47 anyone lol.

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