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motorola ad?
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I'm trying to discover who the woman was in the ad that was running a few months back. As she walked about her house, it gradually diminished or disappeared into her mobile 'phone until she stepped out of her 'phone, and picked it up to hear her boyfriend say hi. Who is she???

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jesenianw, this is going to be a difficult one to crack. I found the subject being discussed on another ad website (but American, I think) and a guy who had managed to identify a girl in another recent Motorola ad (Erin Spencer) said he had contacted the agency who confirmed that it was not Erin this time but also that they had a policy of not revealing the names of actresses in their ads and, so, refused to tell him. I've come across this before and it's very irritating. Some agencies are happy to tell you, some are downright rude.