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Cockburns Port
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Posted: 9th Jul, 2004 3:35 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
Can anyone help me with a classic ad - probably 80s - at the height of the cold war - featuring a christmas detente between UK and Russian submarine operators, where the Russian comically mispronounces "Cockburns", and then comically mispronounces lots of other words - when he learns you don't pronounce the k - like sock, and eventually says "so I come from Moscock?" and the English guy says (wearily) "yes, I think you probably do".

Who was the English actor?

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I remember the ad well. The Russian who says Moscock was, I think, Richard Marner who was the colonel in Allo Allo and ,I THINK, (but am not sure) that the supercilious guy who replies was Tony Britton. Couldn't swear to it, though.