Topic: Colgate ad from the mid 80's

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Colgate ad from the mid 80's
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Back in the mid 80's there was a toothpaste ad featuring the future Baby Spice. I'm positive it was her, because I knew her at the time. It featured an aeroplane cabin flying overnight, and after dinner the stewardesses were handing out toothpaste (Colgate perhaps) to all the passengers, who strangely (though it didn't click at the time) were all kids aged about 8 or 10. Right at the end, one of the stewardesses leant across to pull down the shutter on the window next to Emma.

So can anyone tell me which toothpaste this advert was for and which year it came out in? More than likely nobody at all remembers that ad, and the only reason I do is because there was a face in it I knew so well!