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Posted: 30th Jul, 2006 6:59 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
Someone settle a bet. My boyfriend is convinced that Sir Robert Winston does the voice over for the newest Lenor adverts. Although I think it is meant to look and sound like him it is NOT.

£50 rests on this bet - someone answer!


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Posted: 12th Aug, 2006 9:03 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
Hi, I went on to the site and asked the researchers and I was replied to with the following: Unfortunately we are not able to give the personal details (names or contact info) of the actors who appear in our adverts.. So u might never know, I'm afaraid. But I will keep my ear to the ground.

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Do you mean the ones with the wooly doctor? If so, it sounds very much to me like Rob Brydon.

Hope this helps.