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m&s tv advert
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Posted: 25th Sep, 2005 10:18 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
who provides the voice over on the current FOOD advert for marks and spencer:

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Ray, did you ever get a response to your question re the M&S food ad? If you did I was wondering if you would let me know who it was. Rory Bremner did an amusing sketch about two weekends ago.

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M&S themselves have just confirmed that it is Dervla Kirwan of BallyKissAngel fame that provides the voiceover for the M&S Food Adverts. Scchwwwiiinnng-badda!

Other guesses includes Hermoine Norris and Lisa Maxwell - wrong!

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The first batch that M&S did were Hermione Norris, but they changed voice for the last lot.

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Jeez, how did I miss that question being asked??

Dervla Kirwan has the most distinctive, easily identifiable voice around IMHO. I love the woman but have been roundly cursing her because I fell for her husky tones telling me to get some of their white burgundy and it was quite the foulest WB I've ever had! AND it was French AND the wine buyers must have had a generous budget to work within possible excuse.