Topic: Old Prudential Ins. piano music, help me

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Old Prudential Ins. piano music, help me
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hi people,

been trying to find this piece of music for the piano, its the prudential advert that had a blue flower slowly opening up.

i know its insurance company and we're talking a good 10yrs min this was around

i think its called "key my" obvisouly spelt more like kii mai im guessing if thats even the right piece

please share the name if you know it please have tried so many sources but no spelling and im lost

thanks in advance


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I notice no-one has been able to assist since last November - that's rubbish, people!! COME ON! Chi Mai appears on the album The Very Best Of Ennio Morricone, if that's the music you're thinking of. Check it out at I'm afraid I don't know the ad in question, but I hope this helps. (And I hope you haven't given up waiting for a reply). x