Topic: mear cats ( prairie dogs)

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mear cats ( prairie dogs)
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Posted: 19th Jul, 2007 8:56 AM | Reply | Reply with quote
please can anyone help find the advert with mear cats in it saying HAVE YOU SEEN ME DANCING I MEAN REALY DANCING any information would be great

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Posted: 21st Jul, 2007 6:00 AM | Reply | Reply with quote

I have had much luck finding this ad. Meerkats seem to be popular. I found a referance to a Pizza Hut ad with Meerkats but have been able to find it to view. There are others on You Tube that you can see by putting meerkat in the search

Vodacom - Meerkat Whip
Vodacom - Meerkat Stripper
Vodacom - Meerkat Congaline

I will see if I can find the ad you are looking for.