Topic: Weird adverts from mid-80s

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Weird adverts from mid-80s
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I'm looking for a series of very dark and freaky adverts that were shown in the mid-80s- I have absolutely no idea what they were advertising. Each of these commercials featured a black, darkened screen and there would be the sound of mumbling, echoed voices as well as random things/people appearing on the screen and changing or transforming in some way... I remember a man in a shirt changing into a werewolf-like creature, then later in the same advert there was the sound of a scared little girl's voice and a man's voice answering "Oh, sorry Laura"... Another of these adverts began with a little boy pulsating with some kind of energy, then an old woman came over to him and touched him, and immediately after touching him she turned into stone... Does anyone remember these, and what were they advertizing?

When I ask about these people usually respond with "I'd like some of the weed you smoke" or something, but I definitely did see these! It's often been suggested they might have been trailers for a horror movie of some kind but I am 99% sure they weren't- possibly they may have been advertising an alcoholic drink of some kind, or maybe even PIFs, possibly about kids and strangers.

If anyone has any recollection of these please let me know, I'd love to solve the mystery...