Topic: Four adverts I saw on Tarrant On TV

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Four adverts I saw on Tarrant On TV
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I'm looking for four adverts I remember seeing on 'Tarrant On TV'. Three that were funny and one that was serious.

1. An advert which featured a baby with a man's head on. The man's head was bald and had glasses and a moustache on. It was talking in some foreign language and was having it's nappy changed, having a bath and playing with a toy telephone.

2. An animated condom advert featuring a caveman which went inside a mammoth and took out something from it's body and made a condom with it.

3. Another animated condom one which featured a walking penis with a face on. It stopped and saw a small hole in the ground. It tried to dive into the hole, then stopped. It then put a condom over it's body and pulled a light switch off.

4. A serious and scary advert for smoking, I think. A man was in bed with a hole in his throat. He put a microphone over his throat and started to sing 'Happy Birthday to You'. It was in a sort of Darth Vader like voice.

Any recollection of them?