Topic: Cleaning Teeth PIF (Animated)

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Cleaning Teeth PIF (Animated)
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Posted: 16th Jun, 2016 4:51 PM | Reply | Reply with quote
Was there an advert in the 90's that was for cleaning teeth or looking after teeth, that was animated with teeth with faces and arms, that were cheering and laughing. Then one tooth looked angry and shouted "OUT!".

That's all I remember. I saw it only once. Might of imagined it. If anyone remembers it or have a recollection of it, it would be great.

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I definitely remember an advert in the 90s with talking teeth- I can't remember if it was animated though, for some reason I seem to remember human faces superimposed onto the teeth. It was advertising toothpaste or mouthwash either way, with the teeth talking about their experience of being washed/cleaned with that particular product.